Thursday 22 February 2024
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What is the Psychology Behind the Packaging Design?

What is the Psychology Behind the Packaging Design?

When it comes to the bees, the most appealing flowers are the ones with the brightest and attractive colors. You could relate this to the packaging as the vividness jumps out to them as it is to us when we see an attractive packaging to override our better judgment when it comes to making purchases. It is deemed no secret that the product packaging is designed to crave the customers for the product inside. Simply a picture of the Apple store, for example, makes us excited. Product marketing experts usually call on the psychologists in order to ascertain what shifts the products off the shelves and into the hands of the final customer. Their main purpose is to persuade us to buy with the help of the persuasive marketing techniques like using colors, textures, wordplay etc. to create an impression that their products will make your life easier.

Why are so many things packaged?

In many instances, you will observe that many things are packaged in the manner they are. Could you imagine the need to bag the bananas? Do cucumbers really need to be shrink wrapped? If the retailers are willing to sell them, then the simplest answer is yes. An appealing packaging instils us with a sense of confidence to trust and stay loyal to the product at all costs.

Why does the shape matter?

You might wonder that it doesn’t matter much, however, the shape of the packaging and texture can directly impact on how well the item is being sold. If the consumers are attracted to an appealing or an unusual shape, they will, most probably select that product.

And when it comes to the slender packaging, it signifies that the product inside is healthier and will make the customers more slender in return. Many people have noticed that certain packaging is designed in such a way that it resembles a female shape.

The color matters too

Color is the most obvious factor that impacts our product perception. It is also the easiest way to make the packaging reach out to the consumers. If you stroll down the aisles of a toy store or a sweet shop, you will notice that they showcase their products by the means of color. To the modern people, the metallic, grey and white are the most appealing. Pastel colors are deemed feminine and light hearted. Neon shades signify more of energy drinks and nachos which suggest energy, vitality and youthfulness.

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