Tuesday 21 May 2024
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Automotive Batteries – Proper Maintenance and maintenance

Automotive Batteries – Proper Maintenance and maintenance

The typical lifespan of the vehicle battery, although roughly pegged at 3 to 5 years, could be boosted further by sticking to some consistent and disciplined approach of upkeep. Poorly maintained 4-wheeler batteries may cause massive trouble within the longer run – much more once the current battery dies, departing you helplessly stranded as well as in dire will need a jump-start. For the required preemptive measures and keep your vehicle battery in top-notch condition, this case can be simply prevented.

Regrettably, the maintenance and upkeep of automotive batteries in India remains among the oft-overlooked factors. Usually, hardly any or very little attention is compensated towards the battery, unless of course obviously it sparks trouble. Probably the most common issues that plague vehicle batteries are low current or low charge, that have a substantial effect on output and functionality.

To prevent crisis, we recommend you be aware of those Dos and Don’ts to assist your auto battery maintain its peak performance and steer clear of a minimal billed battery:


• Whenever dealing with batteries, make certain you put on proper eye, hands and clothing protection whatsoever occasions to prevent injuries from short circuits or malfunction.

• Duly look into the terminals in which the battery cables connect to be tightly wound and free from corrosion. In case corrosion has happened, seek the aid of a professional specialist to wash the terminals.

• Make certain battery is firmly guaranteed to the mounting bracket. A battery that moves around during vehicular transit may become broken, and perhaps cause short circuits too.

• In batteries that aren’t clearly labeled “easy to maintain,” periodically look into the fluid levels. When the fluid is low, add only sterilized water to fill up. If no fluid is detected, you might want to switch the battery instead of grow it, as batteries within this condition will generally fail soon.

• Remember to maintain your battery situation clean. Dirt conducts electricity, a disorder that can result in battery charge dissipation inside a short duration. Battery cases could be cleaned having a solution of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in tepid to warm water. Wet the situation and agitate having a nylon bristle brush, then rinse well with plain water.

• Batteries come in several sizes. When replacing a vehicle battery, make certain you choose the best size for the vehicle. With regards to vehicle batteries, remember that bigger isn’t always better.


• If you think that the battery is frozen, don’t charge it, as it might explode, resulting in injuries! One visual sign that the battery has frozen would be that the sides are bowed out. This problem can’t be repaired which means that battery will have to be substituted with an expert as quickly as possible.

• If you want to charge your battery by yourself, switch the charger to some low-charge setting. Most chargers have this selection but in case it isn’t been configured, obtain a professional to charge battery.

• Never charge a defunct battery having a car’s alternator. An alternator isn’t made to be the charger doing this may lead to battery damage or shortened existence.