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Lighting equipment for your studio

Lighting equipment for your studio

Photography studio equipment will be incomplete without having to mention about lighting equipment. Have you ever observed full set up of a professional photography studio? There are more lights available.  There are many options when it comes to artificial light sources for a studio for photography and thus it might be quite easy to get overwhelmed.

Anything from umbrella lights to overhead lights to the rim lights to the light disks, they are just many. You will have to think quite hard regarding the type of photography which you would wish to focus on and invest in the lights.

It is possible to rent the lights depending with the needs if you have a camera or the store for photography close by. There are some shops which rent gear online and you can get from them. That is the reason why you can have the equipment sent to the location before time. You don’t have to carry them with you.

The lighting setups for the photography studios can be segregated basing on the following characteristics:

  • Color of output light: Do you want florescent light or tungsten light?
  • Direction of light required:Is it under, overhead, circular, side light or all round?
  • Quality of light:Is it an external flash type or a continuous light source one that works off a trigger.
  • Quantity of light that is required:What number of light sources is needed in getting the job to be done?

The following are some of the various lighting setup types which are commonly utilized in photography studios.

Soft box

The soft box lights are normally utilized to modify the main source of light to provide light that is softer and even to fall onto the subject. They are known to be quite useful in any studio for photography. They provide more directional control over the light. You can be able to light directing it towards the subject and transmitting it via a diffuser panel. It is what is able to create the soft effect that is diluted of the light. You might require practicing using light source before you begin to use it for the paid shoots.

You will need to be able to understand the impact of directional light on an image. Where the shadow is going to fall and the way it will affect the image.

The soft boxes can be easily attached to either a flash that is external and then set to the fire by use of an off camera flash system or you can connect it to a continuous light source. If you are utilizing a source of a continuous light, then you have to pick one which has a way of being able to control the light intensity so you can be able to achieve the look that you require.

Umbrella lights

Umbrella lights are known to be the most popular choice when it comes to the studio photography lighting. They are known to be easy to set up, easy to use and easy to port around.

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