Wednesday 29 November 2023
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What are the Most Common Issues Faced by Every Freezer?

What are the Most Common Issues Faced by Every Freezer?

So, your freezer has been working weird lately. Your food has lost its chill, your meet is so frozen that it looks white, your fridge generates some weird noises or worse, not working at all. When your freezer fails to work, you come up with all kinds of assumptions and solutions. We have listed some of the most common freezer issues so that you can address it yourself first and then call up the professionals to repair it.

  1. Strange noises from the freezer

The evaporator fan needs replacement. Always remember that not all freezers make noise. There are many reasons for strange noises from the freezer:

  1. Clicking sound when you harvest a batch of ice
  2. Sizzling sounds when fridge goes through a defrost cycle
  3. Gurgling sound when water is drained off the coil
  4. Swishing sound as multiple speed fan works on high speed

Check if your frigidaire blanc has other issues like ice maker not working, freezer not working on desired temperature, ice and water not dispensing etc. If everything is working, then your fridge is working normally.

  1. Frost accumulation in the freezer

The defrost heater needs replacement. It is determined on the type of the place from where the frost is coming from.

  1. If it is from a gasket, then it means that the door wasn’t fully closed. Seek for the items that might be avoiding the door to be locked properly.
  2. The freezer temperature is set too low if the frost is light and snowy. If the temperature is too low, then you cannot remove the moisture from the air. The moisture becomes snow before starting the next cooling cycle.
  3. Ensure that the temperature is around 0°F. When the freezer door is not locked properly, the frost spreads everywhere. It will first form closer to the door but will cover the entire interior.

  1. Water is leaking from my fridge

The defrost drain has now frozen and needs to be defrosted and cleaned.

  1. The water leaks because of the dropped ice cube that had melted.
  2. Drink was spilled when filling a glass

It might be coming from household connections. Check the water line going from the shutoff valve to the freezer. Look closely to where the line is attached to the fridge and to the household valve. Replace the water line if it is leaking anywhere.