Thursday 7 December 2023
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Transform Your Home with Awesome Bifolding Doors

Transform Your Home with Awesome Bifolding Doors

Do you watch the home improvement show, love it or list it and think about how you might change your home? Do you spend most of the summertime in your garden? Have you ever considered making the rear of your home an open-plan space? If the answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, please read on while this short article looks to give you all the information you need about bi-folding doors. This is a system of sliding glazed panels installed in place of the rear-facing wall of a property. The quick and easy opening mechanism allows a smooth switch between a secure home and a superb indoor/outdoor environment, perfect for the summer. This short piece will look closely at the bifold system, the manufacturing materials used, and the benefits and possible problems that are unlocked by installing bifold doors.

Describing The Bi-folding Door System

The system of bifolding doors consists of any number of glazed panels that, when opened, slide on a track and fold together like a concertina; the folded panels are secured against the far wall. When the bifold doors are in the closed position, one of the panels operates as a normal door and is referred to as the travel door. Multiple locking points and modern security mechanisms mean security is increased by fitting bifolding doors. Double glazing and internal blinds are all other design choices which enhance this great product. This excellent improvement is equally suited to traditional home renovations and new builds when interior designers want to create a contemporary, minimalist feel.

Discussing The Pros and cons

Installing bi-folding doors in your home has many advantages, as mentioned previously, let’s now look at some benefits and any possible issues associated with bi-folding doors, firstly the good points –

  • They are quickly and easily installed by experienced suppliers.
  • Bifolds are low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Their versatility will change the way your family lives in your own home.
  • The stylish design enhances and adds value to your property.

It is always vital to look at both sides of any new home improvement project; some issues to look out for when using bi-folding doors are –

  • The frames of bifolding doors can mean obstructed views when closed.
  • When used over large areas, they can be expensive and take up space when folded.
  • Issues with drainage can result from poor installations.
  • If positioned incorrectly, they can lead to privacy problems.

Bi-folding Door Materials

The frames used in bifolding doors are made from three main materials, which are timber, uPVC and aluminium; all have their own characteristics, which are –

  • UPVC – this low-costing material is the budget option; it requires very little maintenance but has limited design options and is not ecologically friendly as waste uPVC ends up as landfill.
  • Timber – a traditional and popular choice with a sustainable material, its classic finish is a winner, but the timber frames do require more maintenance than other materials.
  • Aluminium – this strong but light, recyclable metal is an excellent choice with good thermal properties; powder coating finishes offer a wealth of colours to choose from.

If you are planning to renovate your home explore what bi-folding doors could offer you, they really are a great product for any home.