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Tips for winning at Blackjack

Tips for winning at Blackjack

Don’t Play Too Many Hands

This is an important tip and a good one because the more hands you play in an hour, the less time there is for the ‘lucky’ ones to come along. Sure, you might have gone on an amazing run of cards, but that doesn’t mean that every hand could be profitable – stick with an approach that works as often as you can rather than gambling everything away on what could be just one bad deal at a table.

Don’t Play Against the Dealer’s Up Card

For an opposite take on this tip, if a player has already assumed that they will lose, then there’s no reason not to hit against the dealer card because there is so little risk involved. Sure, you might turn over something higher than what they have and win, but it could also be lower, which means that you get to stay in longer and continue playing cards which may end up giving you an edge at some point. Again, of course, this should only be done when assuming that you’re going to lose; otherwise, it doesn’t make sense from a strategy standpoint.

Always Hit 16 against a 10 

This is one of those tips which seems like a no-brainer to some players, but you can still find people who are reluctant to do it, and that’s because they prefer to stand on 16 against the dealer’s upcard. If you’re one of these players, then you need to decide for yourself whether or not it is worth taking that 1% edge before doing so.

Always Hit 16

In this scenario, if you have any ten-value card, then there is no reason not to hit again, and if your number ends up being higher than what he has, then good news for you as well. The same holds for 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s, so make sure that you always take this gamble if you have the opportunity.

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