Thursday 22 February 2024
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Thinking Of Immigration To Canada With A Startup Visa? Check Your Eligibility

Thinking Of Immigration To Canada With A Startup Visa? Check Your Eligibility

Immigrating to another country is a dream of many people in their life. For that, they require a special visa, which they achieve after passing a test. Some people go for further studies in other countries and some for the job. One other category of people who think of immigrating to the other country is for a startup.

One country that is ideal for the movement of the students in Canada. The facilities provided by the Canadian government and the standard of living are very high. This is why the people are influenced and think to immigrate to that country. If you are also one out of those who are thinking of immigrating to Canada for business, then you must read out the below-mentioned details.

Canada start-up visa 

The canada startup visa is a program started by the Canadian government to facilitate entrepreneurs to come to their country and start their business. Under this visa, permanent citizenship is offered to the immigrating candidate. There is a benefit to both the entrepreneurs and the country by this immigration. The person having a business can have an expansion in a country like Canada and citizenship. In return, the country will get an option where they can provide jobs to their citizens.

How to check whether you are eligible or the visa or not?

Certain criteria are set b the government of Canada under which they provide the startup canada visa . Before thinking of immigrating to that country for the startup, you have to pass those eligibility criteria. So, let us check what the criterion is?

To pass the business immigration to canada criteria, you have to stand out all the four requirements laid down. They are as follows:-

  • You must be having a business already running in your own country. If you want the visa, then you must be an owner of a well-flourished business. Along with that, there is an idea of how that business can flourish in their country, and what are its benefits to their localities?
  • The next thing you must have is a letter of support from the group of investors. You have to convince at least one group of investors from the peer country ready to support your business idea.
  • Then you have to meet the business requirement of that country. If you are establishing a business and want to achieve a canada startup visa, you must pass the basic language test that every immigrant has to pass.
  • The next and final requirement is that you must be having enough money to survive in the country. A business will surely take some time to settle till then; you have to survive, and for that, you will need buffer money.


The above mentioned are the requirement for business immigration to canada. If you are thinking of setting up your business in Canada, then do remember these points. Fulfilling these requirements means fulfilling your dreams of setting up a business in Canada.