Tuesday 21 May 2024
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How can diabetes affect your feet? Get all the details here! 

How can diabetes affect your feet? Get all the details here! 

Diabetic patients are affected by a lot of hazards like blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, eye problems, and kidney problems. But did you know that diabetes can affect your feet very negatively? There are a lot of people who face foot ulcers if they have diabetes. If you are diabetic and you feel that you need to take care of your feet, opting for a foot and ankle specialist in Maryville, IL, will help you. However, here are a few things that you should know if you are a diabetic patient.

Poor blood circulation in the feet

People with diabetes feel poor blood circulation throughout the body, especially in their feet. This is the reason that slows the healing process. Poor blood circulation will affect the immune system.

Due to poor circulation, a minor cut needs a lot of time to heal in diabetic patients. These might lead to feet blisters and, in extreme cases, gangrene. Thus, taking care of your feet if you are diabetic is very important.

Charcot foot

Diabetic patients often suffer from Charcot’s foot. It brings rapid changes, where the bone in your feet will become weak, leading to numbness. A minor fracture or ankle twist might get worse day by day as the bones lose their natural ability to heal themselves. Neuropathy can be extremely helpful for such patients.

Foot ulcer

As mentioned earlier, foot ulcer is another problem that diabetic patients often face. As diabetic patients do not have the ability to heal from wounds quickly, a minor scratch can turn into an ulcer. If not taken care of properly or consulted with the right doctor, this also will turn into gangrene. You might be unfortunate enough to amputate your feet to stop the spread. There are many diabetic patients who have to face such issues due to carelessness.

How can you prevent yourself from the above-mentioned feet problems?

Neuropathy is an extremely helpful process offered by foot and ankle specialists that will help you recover from any foot issues. People without diabetes might find it very easy to recover from a simple scratch or twisted ankle. For diabetic patients, it is no less than a curse. Ensure you visit a foot and ankle specialist so that they can render you treatment and help you in your recovery.