Monday 2 October 2023
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Get Rid of Cracked Driveways with Mudjacking

Get Rid of Cracked Driveways with Mudjacking

Mudjacking is also known as slabjacking, which is used to repair the cracked slabs. It is more than just a repair technique. It is used to restore the concrete slabs, which require some kind of repairs. Majorly, this repair technique is used to raise and level slabs, sunken sideways and damaged outdoor slabs. Before, you call the professional who can help you repair the slabs; you should be familiar with the benefits associated with mudjacking.

Technique to fix the real problem

It has been noticed that the soil voids remain underneath the damaged concrete in the process of slab replacement. As a result, slab can settle again. On the other hand, mudjacking fills the soil voids. This way, the concrete becomes more secure and stable. The slab remains stable for more time.

Takes less time

In this process of slab repair, not too much time is taken unlike other similar processes. The bigger projects may take longer time. However, this process can be finished in a short duration.

Saves money

One of the major advantages of this process is its cost-effectiveness. In this process, the materials used are not at all costly making it the best and most affordable way to repair slabs. On the other hand, polyjacking, which is another concrete repair process, costs more money.

Clean repair

In slab replacement, the slabs are taken out which causes tearing up. It is a messy process whereas in slabjacking, the soil fills are filled without damaging the landscape. The cement slurry mixture can easily be wiped out with the help of damp rug.

Color remains unchanged

It is observed that the color of slab can be distinct because the new slab is different from the old ones. The old slabs may change the color a bit because they have been in use for a long time. In this process, the color remains unchanged because the soil voids are filled and no slab is replaced. The repair work does not appear.

No mess for weeks

In slab replacement, the total time taken to complete the task may be a week or so. Moreover, the concrete cannot be used until everything is settled and cured. In case of mudjacking, you can use the concrete as soon as the process is finished.

Eco-friendly repair

One of the reasons why it is used in repairing the slabs is because no hazardous materials are used in filing underneath the slabs. It is known as eco-friendly way to repair concrete.