Tuesday 21 May 2024
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Computer Networking Simplified

So what exactly is computer networking? Towards the uninitiated this term may seem intimidating but you might have already encounter it and have even tried on the extender either at the office or in your own home. For individuals a new comer to computer networking, to put it simply, a network describes a method where several computers are linked to one another. This is accomplished so people can share such things as information or computing devices, just like a printer for example.

Now there are many what exactly you need to setup a pc network. Probably the most fundamental system includes a protocol, NICs or network interface cards, cable along with a hub.

A protocol is some rules the information technology has to follow along with to ensure that these to “speak exactly the same language”. For instance, http is really a protocol. If you wish to have the ability to access an internet site out of your computer that runs using http, the web site you’re being able to access should also operate on a single protocol or else you won’ have the ability to browse the site.

NICs are cards that you simply put behind or side of the computer. This enables the computers to talk with one another. A cable is only a wire that connects the computers together and also the hub is really a device that controls traffic, for instance, information which one computer transmits to a different.

Now this can be a listing of products for the standard network. You are have to another group of devices if you’re to choose wireless networking.

So how exactly does a pc network work? Let us say for example, you need to send information out of your desktop for your father’s computer. The NIC on your computer transfers the file with the cable in to the hub. The hub then transfers the information for your father’s computer. If each one of the units uses exactly the same protocol then the details are recognized from your dad’s computer and that he can open the file you simply sent.

There’s two kinds of systems: the LAN or lan and also the WAN or wide area network.

The LAN is an extremely simple kind of network where all of the units you connect come in one place. There’s two kinds of LAN, peer to see and client server. A peer to see network is how several computers are linked to one another directly. For instance, computer 1 is linked to computer 2, computer 2 is linked to computer 3 and so forth. The computers rely on one another therefore if one unit encounters problems, others simply will not have the ability to connect with one another. The customer server type is how all computers are linked to a primary unit. This really is easier if one computer has problems, others will not suffer. You still have the ability to exchange data.