Tuesday 21 May 2024
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Advantages and disadvantages of watching movies online

Advantages and disadvantages of watching movies online

You can watch movies online now via several platforms on the net today. If you’re like me who gets work done quickly and is looking for ways to kill time and boredom, you can actually watch free online movies online. And yes, you can grab a few drinks and popcorn and enjoy yourself, to it that cinema effect.

It can be difficult catching up to a movie series that is set to play at a particular time. Sometimes you may not be at home or may be busy with work that you’re unable to watch the series on time. With online streaming websites, you no longer need to miss any episode. You could even watch all episodes all at ones.

Let’s walk you through some of the advantages and disadvantages of watching online film.


24 hour access

Watching movies online has no deadline or curfew. You can watch it as long as you want. Cinemas can sometimes be filled up, especially during the festive season when everyone is present at home. You obviously won’t be able to see that movie.

But hey, who said you can’t improvise. Check out some online movie platforms where you can watch it for free and as long as you want.

Lowkey therapy

Believe it or not, watching movies has a way of relieving built up stress and taking your mind off things that would weigh you down. Sometimes, these movies speak to us and advise us because it’s something we can relate to or that is happening to us presently.


Movies are also a form of entertainment. Although that’s not the only reason people are crazy about it, watching your favourite actor or actress in a movie can be thrilling and entertaining to watch honestly.



I know we like to make a fuss of how much online movies are the bomb, but let’s be frank, we don’t always find top rated movies on these sites that offer free movies. Except they’re top reputable movie streaming sites like Netflix and Disney. These ones usually require that you pay a monthly amount to access the movies. So many low budget movies are what we find on these free online movie sites if we’re being honest with each other.

Close up

Most of these free websites never last up to a year and then vanish. This is very sad, especially if you were following a series on that website. Sometimes, most of these websites violate the cyber laws which is why they are taken down by the authorities.

So if you’re the kind to bookmark movies for later watching, this may happen to you.

You must sign up

You need to register on such sites before you can watch the movies. Although that’s how it is on almost all movies sites, it is sometimes discouraging.