Tuesday 21 May 2024
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A Short Introduction of Palm Web OS Database Integration

This can be a mobile platform having a gui and it is specifically created for devices with touch screens. The woking platform uses internet technologies like – HTML 5, Java Script and CSS. Using Web OS, it’s possible to develop applications including the verticals like – social media, games, camera, business applications, tools and utility applications, entertainment applications and many more.

Web-OS database integration

An Internet-OS consists of one or a variety of scenes that may be made on the stage. The net applications have grown to be common today in cellular devices. These applications run in your area and therefore are constructed with a programming language like Objective-C or Java. Because they are designed for a particular device, it’s very hard to port with other mobile platforms or an internet site. This helps to make the palm device applications as web applications that are produced with HTML, CSS, Java-Script using the Mojo JavaScript Framework. The native applications developed around the palm device functions as web applications. Because the platform uses internet technologies like – HTML 5, it may store data in your area and do CSS animations and transitions. Quite simply, when the developer knows HTML, CSS along with other internet technologies, he is able to easily create mobile apps for web operating-system.

Ways to get began

To begin building applications, the developer must install the Palm web OS software development package. This package can be obtained for Home windows, OS X and Linux. To put together the event atmosphere, one have to stick to the latest instructions from Palm. After installing the event package, it’s possible to use any text-editor to produce their source code files. For Eclipse, there’s an internet development plug-in available, but it’s advised to make use of Active State’s edit having a third-party plug-set for Web OS development.


The net operating-system provides support for Palm’s plug-in development package, which enables the cellular devices to aid 3D gaming along with other enhanced applications developed while using group of protocols.

This Year, a burglar concern was identified within the existing palm Web OS that have been resolved and remedied within the new edition.

There are lots of multi-touch gestures that you can use to travel through the screen. The interface use ‘cards’ to handle multi-tasking and represent applications. The applications could be closed by flicking a card up and from the screen. The ‘cards’ can also be re-organized.

Web OS integrates information and data from various sources. Users are permitted to sign into multiple accounts from various providers and integrate all of the sources right into a single list.

Another essential feature may be the notification area that is located at the end from the screen around the cellular devices. Each time a notification comes it slides in from the foot of the screen and also the applications are instantly resized as the notification id displayed.

For synchronization, this platform utilizes a cloud-base approach instead of utilizing a desktop ‘sync’ client.

Many third-party applications are available in the palm devices for wireless download using the application catalogue.