Monday 26 February 2024
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A Comparative View Of The Two Best Side-By-Side Vehicles!

A Comparative View Of The Two Best Side-By-Side Vehicles!

The UTVs have become a common ride for the adventure enthusiasts, farmers, military and even the people living on bumpy terrains. The government initiatives combined with the power use of the vehicles drives a stream of customers towards purchasing new models with the best of UTV features.

What sets the market apart is the comparer les cote a cote criteria amongst the very best of launches made each year. This year it has been all about the new ranges of the Maverick and the Polaris launched with extreme power. They are spacious sturdy and powerful to go on ride across the bumpy terrains.

Here is a comparative look on the two best models before you set on to purchase them!

CAN AM Maverick X3 X DS Turbo R

With 120 horsepower output, 900 cc motor and 12-Valve power the CAN AM Maverick X3 X DS Turbo R is an extremely powerful UTV set to rule the market in 2019. It has a variety of features along with its beautiful design and style to appeal in the market. The base X3 comes with no intercooler but has some great delving features like the podium shocks with DSCs, rebound adjusters, wide girth tyres and a super smooth drive system. The best of features include dual-range transmission, 10.5 gallon fuel capacity, dual disc brakes, front and travel suspensions, liquid-cooled DOHC triple and more. It is indeed one of the extremely smart models to cater to the need of adventure sports or even a ride through the terrains that may be unpredictable.

Polaris RZR 900 S EPS

Cranking from a 75 horsepower and 900 engine, this sturdy UTV with 60 inch wide design is set to take a glorious ride anywhere around the world. The brand has let careful eye on the power of the chassis, its compact fit, and the balance of the weight keeping in line with the lightweight build of the vehicle. Some of the prime features include 12.5 inch suspension, 27 inch tyres, 900cc engine, 70 hp prostar motor power, and a stylish design for the travel enthusiasts to really enjoy. The seats are also designed with an aspect to cover long journeys. It is one of the mild yet beautiful vehicles to invest on.

Choose from a variety of models from the very best of brands when investing on a UTV. This year’s launch has been great with features and resistance while including a lot of balance as compared to the earlier designs of the side-by-side vehicles!