Tuesday 21 May 2024
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What’s The Phrase Health and Does A Healthy Body Naturally Mean Natural Is Nice?

What’s The Phrase Health and Does A Healthy Body Naturally Mean Natural Is Nice?

Let us begin with a decent health definition generally. The WHO health definition (World Health Organization), although from 1948: “Health is really a condition of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and never just the lack of disease or infirmity”. Presuming that’s true, what’s the phrase health and does a healthy body naturally imply that “natural” is nice, especially because it pertains to food?

What’s the phrase health?

Can there be one?

In line with the WHO health definition because it pertains to health, could it be reliable advice that merely because things are being employed as it ought to even without the disease or infirmity (weakness or condition), that we are not always in good health?

What is your opinion?

Personally, i believe there’s more to being healthy within the moment. However, I additionally think that because we’re only guaranteed the current, if you are healthy, don’t become complacent. Appreciate it when you can.

I additionally believe the condition in our health depends largely on the personal health plan. Quite simply, this will depend about how we take proper care of ourselves regularly. Which includes:

Eating routine

Exercise habits or lack thereof

Sleep habits

Spiritual habits

General living habits

Without seeming as if I’m a pundit, expert or zealot about the aforementioned, that i’m personally the phrase health, the phrase spiritual health, or something that resembles the phrase a healthy body, the bottom line is, what I am saying is the summary sentences possess a effect on our health.

What is your opinion?

It comes down to a healthy body

One dictionary provides this meaning of health:

“The overall condition from the body or mind with regards to soundness and vigor: a healthy body illness.”

The traditional Roman poet Virgil stated, “The finest wealth is health”.

I could not agree more but I’m a bit troubled by the quantity of over-emphasis put on health, as if it’s mutually exclusive in the other facets of health.

In my opinion health is all about:






The “soundness and vigor” by which we pursue and keep these 4 elements includes a indirect and direct impact on every single one from the factors.

In addition, I’ve found it troubling the word wealth is really excessively connected with money and financial wealth.

It’s not saying which i aren’t seeing the significance of health and financial wealth. Both are critical factors of all around health but they’re not stand-alone concepts.

What exactly are your ideas?


The “natural” phenomenon, especially because it pertains to food, is among the greatest marketing ploys ever. When not a gimmick, it is a joke.

This means nothing!

There’s a significant difference between organic and all sorts of natural. Don’t confuse the 2 and go ahead and don’t be seduced by the propaganda leading you to definitely believe they’re the same. They are not.

Organic, a minimum of because it pertains to food, is extremely controlled. It really means something. However, bear in mind that simply since it is organic does not always mean it’s healthy.