Tuesday 21 May 2024
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How to Raise Funds for Good Causes with Paul McCarthy from Cork

How to Raise Funds for Good Causes with Paul McCarthy from Cork

There are more ways to raise funds for a good cause. Hosting a party, start a go fund me campaign, create a fund where people can donate, etc. If you’re about to do something like this, you need all the help you can get.

The problem with it is that no one offers to do something like this. You need to draw the lines by yourself. However, there’s a man who did this with a team of people by his side. We’re talking about Paul McCarthy Cork businessman who raised 100,000 pounds for orphans in Eastern Europe and played the role of Santa Clause for them in a situation when no one else had the will for it.

How to do this?

Getting money from people for good causes is more complex than you think. Not just for convincing people to do it, but for creating the funds and transferring the money from one place to another. This is the tricky part.

A sum of 100k is not a small amount and it’s pretty hard to send this money across the globe to a place where it’s needed. For example, if you want to provide clean drinkable water for people in Africa, the money you’re going to provide must be physically taken there, which is really hard.

The countries all have limitations on how much you can take out. Banks, on the other hand, all take lots of provisions if you want to get them from Ireland to Africa. On the other hand, sending the funds to local communities is not a smart move as it is a public secret that lots of these organizations are corrupted and at the end, the money won’t get to their final destination but will end up in local politicians’ pockets. See here about the global water crisis.

That’s why you need all the experience of people who already did this. Paul is one of them and getting his advice on the subject is the smartest thing you can do if you’re about to make a fundraising for any cause that you have in mind.

Why it’s important to finance good causes?

Some might say – well why don’t those people do something like this on their own, why should we send our hard-working earned money to them. Even though it’s not humane, this is a very good question and deserves a clear answer.

The answer is that most of the time, third world countries, and places in the world that suffer have no social system as the western world has. The world they live in is completely different than what we know here in the modern world.

They face lots of obstacles to come out of the mud and start living a normal life. Things like corruption, theft, exploitation, modern slavery, etc. Did you know that over 1.1 billion people all over the planet have no access to safe drinking water? Can you imagine that in the modern world? That’s why it’s important to show our human side and do everything in our power to help these people who fight with all kinds of diseases, poverty, hunger, wars, and lots of other dangers every day.

Where should you be looking for funds?

Unless you’re a billionaire, your aim is supposed to be on a lower scale. Building a water collector in a foreign country costs millions of pounds and this is not something you can do. However, getting enough food or drinkable water for a few villages in a problematic area is fairly acceptable. This can go from 10.000 pounds and above and it will be just enough.

Setting an example is much more important than the actual help. If every one of us does the same from time to time, these people living in poverty will get help all the time. See the difference between rich and poor on this link:

The place you’re supposed to be looking for money is the rich parties and gatherings. Auctions, promotions, and manifestations of different kinds. This is the place where people can be convinced in helping and donating for your fund. Mention that this is all for a good cause. Reach for the good side of people’s hearts, and you’ll be successful.