About Us

Registration no: 201508847R


Based in Singapore, SEOPPL is made of professionals with decades of experience in process engineering, discipline engineering, engineering management, commissioning, procurement, project management and maintenance. We are able to serve entire lifecycle of an onshore or offshore oil and gas project.


Our Mission

Dependable wealth creation partner of choice.
Continuously growing, fiscally responsible, well managed for-profit company consisting of versatile, mobile, dependable and adaptable professionals.
To provide opportunity and support to employee to focus on competence development.
Develop a workforce who commit to success of any project we undertake. To meet this objective, we intend to only employees who are capable and willing to deliver on any project, in any phase, in any geographic location and in any working environment.
Remain actively committed to find best means to contribute towards development of industry, society and environment.
Actively initiate and support green causes and activities and to that effect we will contribute part of profit regularly.


Facilities we can serve

  • Upstream
    • New build FPSO
    • FPSO conversions
    • Platforms
    • MOPUs
    • Drilling rigs
    • FSOs
    • FLNGs
    • Topsides, turrets
    • Marine systems
  • Downstream
    • Petrochemicals
    • Refining
    • Other process plants
  • Utilities
  • Pipelines
  • Ships


Company Vision

A growth and profit oriented company recognized as strong, reputable, adaptable and versatile contributor in energy industry built on business, project management and technical competences.

What We Do?

We provide services from concept phase to decommissioning phase of a project. We are also able to qualify professionals based on clients needs and mobilize them, for example, urgent maintenance needs.

Focus area:

  • Process engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance

Industries we serve:

  • Upstream oil and gas
  • Shipping
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refinery
  • Utilities
  • Gas pipelines
  • Power/utilities
  • Combined engineering experience of more than 100 years.


We have ability to execute engineering and commissioning of oil and gas projects in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and India.

Our team members possess demonstrated working experience in Asia, Africa, Americas and Australia. We pride ourselves to be capable and willing to execute projects in any phase, in any type of facility, in any geographic location and in any working condition and ensure that we meet client’s goals and expectations for a successful project outcomes.

We are continuously screening companies and professionals to expand our reach and improve and expand our services.